We accelerate the growth
of Life Sciences Innovators
mostly in the USA and Canada.

Proven Sales Growth Approach

More Value. More Customers. More revenues.

Grow your sales by 500% and increase margins by 200% or more.

“Through smart execution, Robert’s Commercialization Team increased our Glucose POC Testing hospital share from 10 to 33% and delivered millions in new revenues.” Michel Robidoux, VP Roche Diagnostics

“Cadencia’s Growth Assist was brilliant in creating value for IcePower, thus delivering stronger brand-local B2B & B2C market traction and higher margins. Now, MotionLife takes over.” Seppo Hoivala, VP Fysioline

Our Unique B2B & B2C Sales Growth Services

We are Cadencia, growth entrepreneurs based in Montreal, gateway to 40% of the global market, the USA 1st and Canada 10th.

Commercialization (Distribution)

MotionLife, Cadencia’s sister compagny and distributor, accelerate efficiently time to quick gains and revenue optimization with its turn-key growth teams, extensive market networks,and unique proven growth approach.


Grow faster with discipline. We quickly identify the best growth opportunities to invest into, adapt/create strategies to local realities and customer unmet needs, and (re)build your execution. Or, MotionLife takes over the execution.

Ready to accelerate sales growth today and tomorrow?

In the world of digitalization, fast-paced changes, and go-to-market complexity, too many novel technologies fail to succeed. Innovators benefit from Cadencia’s proven growth approach and MotionLife's real life outstanding commercial success to out-paced competitors.