We accelerate the growth
of Life Sciences Innovators
mostly in the USA and Canada.

Work with growth leader.
Cadencia’s unique proposition generates superior sales growth.
Daniel Dufort
VP Sales & Marketing,
Dufort & Lavigne
Leading Medical Devices
Cadencia was instrumental in helping us focus our resources on the right growth opportunity.
Jean-Francois Désilets,
President & CEO, Code Bleu
Healthcare Professional Placement Agency
For the first time, Cadencia was able to provide us with remarkable sales results with OdrA knee brace outside our own reseller network. Thanks to its innovative and practical strategy and selling practice.
Louis Desrosiers,
VP Research & Development, Ergoresearch
Innovative Orthopedic Supplier & Retailer
Cadencia's execution delivers outstanding growth.
Michel Robidoux,
President, Sandoz Canada
World Pharmaceutical & Biotech Leader

What Is Your Organic Growth Challenge?

Organic growth or internal sales growth is The Proven Path to business relevance.
It is not a question of Should We? But rather Where, How and What?
Ambitious Life Sciences, Health & Fitness Innovators benefit from Cadencia real-life growth leadership in your industry to resolve your growth challenge - let us help you accelerate time to consistently superior profitable sales growth.

Our Unique B2B & B2C Sales Growth Services

We are Cadencia, growth entrepreneurs based in Montreal, gateway to 40% of the global market, the USA1st and Canada10th.


MotionSpan, Cadencia's sister compagny and distributor, accelerate efficiently time to quick gains and revenue optimization with its turn-key growth teams and extensive market networks.


Grow faster with discipline. We quickly identify the best growth opportunities, adapt strategies to local realities, and (re)build your execution. Cadencia also assist with executing growth initiatives.